ZoomLCD help - 4. Accessing ZoomLCD

4.1 LCDsmartie

Entering commands in general into LCDSmartie setup is discussed in the LCDSmartie documentation.

4.2 Basics

A LCDsmartie ZoomLCD command looks something like this: $dll(zp,1,0,0).
The outer $dll( ... ) part tells LCDsmartie to use a (dll) plugin.
"zp" is ZoomLCD, and directs LCDsmartie to use that particular plugin (zp.dll).
$dll(zp ... ) will be the same for every piece of data we read from ZoomPlayer.
The numbers that follow, in the example above 1,0,0 is the specific data we want to get.
$dll(zp,1,0,0) will be 1 if ZoomPlayer is running and 0 if it is not running. On the other hand $dll(zp,1,3,1) will list the filename of the current media file being played.

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